Cambridge wedding and civil ceremony disco

Itís all about the music! Obviously the music is very important to the success of any disco and thatís why preparation plays a major part for me prior to the night. Most couples have at least a general idea of what they are expecting or wanting to hear at their reception, some have very specific ideas. I will work with you in advance to shape the music for the evening so that we can incorporate specific tracks that may have meaning to you, and to make sure nothing is played that you really donít want to hear.

One thing you should know though; Iím a firm believer of only playing music that is suitable for the dancefloor. Iíll cover the following genres of music; funk, soul, motown, disco, party tunes, and more contemporary styles such as R&B, current pop, and commercial dance. I will advise you if I feel some of your selections wonít work on the dancefloor! It is your day but youíll enjoy it far more if your guests are enjoying themselves too! With this in mind I always recommend a good sprinkling of Ďtried and testedí party classics to be included in your playlist. In my experience any successful wedding disco will include a significant number of tracks from the Wedding party tracks list.